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Here at Devitus Digital, we’ve spent the time and effort to learn how to create compelling websites that get your audience to resonate with you and take action.

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Not So Big Fish

Not So Big Fish offers six different creative services, including animation and interactive publishing, and we incorporated the characteristics of each service in the design to create an impact stronger than text descriptions.


MSJacovides is a family-owned and run business in the field of health with deep roots in Cyprus and Greece.


IM Pharmacy is a Cyprus-based pharmacy. We built a comprehensive online store for this pharmacy, complete with a Wishlist, categorization, and a discount offer system.

Travel Puglia

Travel Puglia is an Italian tour company that operates in Puglia and Tuscany. We created a website to reflect the beauty of the Puglia region and convey the authentic experience the company promises.


Creating the website for a globally-known product like Canderel required encapsulating the brand image, infusing it in the design, and conveying it (naturally) to each website visitor.

A.F.I.T Pro Business Solutions Ltd

A team of professionals specialising in informations and communications technology, as well as the integrated physical security and automation solutions.

Founder and Lead Developer

Hello, my name is Christophoros

Thank you for visiting Devitus Digital, a Website Design agency I founded to help companies and individuals have an amazing presence online!

The last 4 years we grew our team from only myself to 4 amazing individuals with amazing ideas that provide amazing service and support.

Our area of expertise has grown substantially over the years, but web design and development is still the primary core of our business, and it’s an area where we excel. From simple interactive web pages to complex websites handling millions of users, we have worked on a broad range of web development projects.

We believe our success is tied to our clients, so when you hire us to create a website, you can be sure that we are just as invested in the project as you are. Our design process goes beyond functionality and UX/UI because we focus on your target audience and build something that will deliver and outshine your competitors.

If you want to put your strongest foot forward in the digital realm and create a website that’s an asset to your business, we have you covered.

Our reward lies in your success. Nothing makes us happier than to see your project achieve what it was designed for. When your business grows, you get to do more of what you love. We like being a part of that.

So why not book a free consultation, and see if we can help you?


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"Devitus Digital created a brilliant website for me filled with slick designs and cutting-edge features that made my brand look great and helped me give potential clients the right impression. "
-Achilleas Christodoulou
Perfume Gallery
"Our firm’s experience with Devitus has been exceptional. We've worked on two projects with them so far, and in both instances, they delivered exactly what they committed - all within the specified time frame."
-Eleni Evangelou
Manager, P Minoshis Audit, Tax & Advisory
"Very professional and responsive to all client's needs. Highly recommended!"
-Kyriaki Sofocleous
Creative Director; Not So Big FIsh
"We brought Devitus on to build our website when the previous vendor made a mess of everything, and they helped us get on track. They completed the project on time, and the finished website was much better than we originally hoped for "
-Eleni Kolokasi
Founder, Charmy Cy
"What I really love about Devitus is their transparency. They clarify everything right from the beginning, and there is no miscommunication and no overcommitments. They tell you exactly what they are going to create, and they always deliver on what they've committed."
-Alexandros Toufexis
Founder & Body Pulse

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