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Website Design

As a web design company, we offer creative, robust and divergent solutions to our customers, and we are providing top-notch website designing services at extremely competitive rates.

Website Design

Nothing represents a good business like fantastic looking web design. At Devitus we NEVER rely on templates or standard themes when it comes to designing sites for our clients. Instead, we create unique visuals that stimulate viewers into wanting to learn more about a specific product or service.

Our design expertise is second to none. Over the years, we’ve developed an effective method to introduce beneficial features in a natural, effective way for the home page – and all inner pages. If you’re looking for a compelling website that nurtures your viewer from start to finish; get in touch with us today.



Four Phases to Perfection

At Devitus, we’ve carefully structured four unique ways to maximise the potential for our clients to reap the rewards.

During this period, our team will get to know a little more about you, your business and your overall ambitions. We’ll evaluate:

The Audit Phase

Your website – we’ll get to grips with the features and functions that it will require to enhance its potential. We can take care of the entire process from development to web copy; in fact, it’s this full package that so many of our clients have come to know and love

Your customers – especially what they think and feel about the industry that you’re in. The more that we know about who to target, the more we can focus on your key demographics and this can help to improve your profitability

Your business model – whether you have a website or not, our team of experts will consider your current digital assets, plan campaigns and structure strategies to ensure that your future marketing efforts are as effective as possible

Your competitors – namely those that are taking business away from you and your services. We’ll get to know what works for them and what they are doing wrong, and then create a strategy to take full advantage of concepts such as keyword usage, SEO and more

Webdesign 1
Webdesign 2

What better way to get your business off to a fresh start than with a newly developed campaign to promote what you have to offer? From your website’s layout to appeal to your target market, right through to the technical tasks that take place behind the scenes for search engines like Google – we’ll ensure that what we create emanates performance and functionality. This includes:

The Creative Phase

Your logo – or the first image that a potential customer will notice about your business. It’s our job to ensure that your brand imagery is as captivating as it is effective

Your sitemap – which can work wonders as far as search engine optimisation is concerned. With our advanced techniques your website could boast incredible efficiency

Your style tile – otherwise known as a brand guideline, to help you to develop a consistent approach to the way that you do business; from your site font, right through to your headers

Your website’s wireframe – or the blueprints of your site. We’ll take care of the coding and development, so that your design flows effortlessly for an enhanced user experience

Your website’s presentation – once we’ve taken care of all of the above, your draft site will be ready for your review and you’ll be able to see what it could look like when launched

Time is of the essence! Building a website is a lot of work and almost always an intrusion into your normal routine.

The Development Phase

The true key to an effective online business is how well it has been developed – and fortunately for you, this is exactly what our team specialises in.
After collaborating on all of the above and combining the most advanced techniques; your web design will begin to come together in an incredibly effective way. You can be as involved as you like; in fact, we’d love to share your ideas.
Webdesign 1
Webdesign 2

Once you give us the go ahead, we’ll launch your website in a way that takes full advantage of its potential online. Before we take this final step, we’ll extensively check each and every aspect of your website’s structure – and this is something that many of our competitors overlook with drastic consequences.

The Launch Phase

Cross Browser Testing – will allow us to ensure that no matter the device being used to view your website, it will appear exactly as intended – and that’s flawlessly.

Domain Mapping – will help us to gauge if your website features any pages that could lead to 301 and 404 errors being displayed. If found, we’ll take care of the issue there and then.

Post-Website Design – is where many digital specialists take their client’s hard earned cash and call it a day. Not here at Devitus Digital; in fact, we prefer to offer our aftercare services to all clientele.

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We invite you to join us on a journey from now to NEXT.

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